1 x Jug. CAC (GRC), Clubjugendsiegerin 2006, 5 x Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH,  4 x Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH Res., 1 x CAC (DRC); 1 x CAC (GRC); 1 x CAC Res. (DRC); 3 x CAC Res. (GRC), 4 x Anw. Dt. Vet. Ch. (VDH), 1x Anw. Dt. Vet. Ch. (DRC)6 x V1, 4 x V2, 6 x V3, 5 x V4

Deutscher Champion (VDH)

Deutscher Veteranen Champion (VDH)

„Got bags of spirit, well shown and handled freely, nice dark eye and pigment, well balanced, nice reach of neck and level topline, good front and rear angulation, nothing overdone.“

Mrs. Maureen Mc Kenna (Kennel „Maressa“) am 15.10.05

„Very outgoing personality on this midgold bitch, built on larger lines, pretty head with lovely pigment, lovely length of neck flowing into level topline, straight well boned, good length of shoulder blade.“

Mrs. Vicky Clarke (Kennel „Ousevale“) am 13.11.05

„Rich gold bitch, good breedtype, nice head, good neck, shoulders and front, deep through the heart, level topline, strong quarters, well turned stifles, moved with drive.“

Mr. John Tiranti (Kennel „Garthfield“) am 23.09.06

„Nice head with dark pigment and very allert expression, good lenght of neck, level topline, tail well set, good front and rear angulation, straight front legs, good feet, moved very well, in lovely coat and condition.“

Mrs. Sue Barnes (Kennel „Millgreen“) am 13.10.07

„Very typical, good sized bitch, very smart richgold coat, quite nice head and expression, a little upright in shoulder, good bone and feet, very good mover!“

Mr. George Hennessy (Kennel „Ritzilyn“) am 07.12.08

„A lovely clean Outline and very balanced with a super topline and lovely depth of body and spring of rib, short coupled, a well carried tail, lovely feminine head, woving well.“

Mrs. Fiona Thurm (Kennel „Beldonburn“) am 17.09.11

„8,5 Jahre, in top Kondition vorgeführte Hündin, sehr gute Topline, korrekte Rute, Kopf typisch, gepflegtes Gebiss, gute Fellqualität, in der Bewegung einwandfrei, sehr gut vorgeführt.“

Chistine Rossier am 09.03.2013

1. Platz, Anw. Dt. Vet. Ch. und Bester Veteran am 09.03.2013
1. Platz, Anw. Dt. Vet. Ch. und Bester Veteran am 09.03.2013
1. Platz, Anw. Dt. Vet. Ch. und Bester Veteran am 11.11.2012